Privacy Policy

SKIYAKI Inc. (hereinafter, “the Company” or “us/we/our”, as the case may be) recognizes the importance of customer who uses service (hereinafter, “customer” or “you/your” as the case may be), and personal information that you are providing to us. For this reason, we hereby declare our compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter, “Personal Information Protection Act”) and other criterions by stipulating the privacy policy including the following matters (hereinafter, “Privacy Policy”), by establishing voluntary rules and system, and to implement and maintain the Privacy Policy thereof.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We will comply with Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations, guideline stipulated by the country, and other criterions regarding the handling of personal information obtained in all businesses. Furthermore, we will protect personal information by drawing up personal information protection management systems in compliance with “Personal Information Protection Management Systems Requirements” (JIS Q15001).
  2. Usage within the Scope of Use Purpose
    When we obtain and use personal information, we will specify the use purpose of such information, and will not engage in handling of personal information that goes beyond the scope necessary to achieve specified use purpose (usage other than for use purpose). Furthermore, we will carry out proper management measure to ensure it will not be used for reasons other than for the intended purpose.
  3. Providing to Third Party
    Except in the case of obtaining your consent or required by laws and regulations, etc., we will not provide personal information to third party by going beyond the scope necessary to achieve use purpose. Furthermore, even in the case of obtaining personal information due to merger and other reasons, we will not handle such information by going beyond the scope of use purpose prior to succession, without your prior consent.
  4. Response to Consultation
    If we receive compliant and consultation regarding the handling of personal information, we will promptly investigate relation of fact, etc. concerning its details, and will respond within a reasonable period in a sincere manner.
  5. Safety Control Measures
    In order to ensure proper management of personal information obtained by us, we will carry out organizational / personal / physical / technical safety measure, and will engage in prevention and correction of divulgence, loss or damage arising in personal information. Furthermore, if preservation period stipulated in laws and regulations passes, or if it no longer becomes necessary to handle your personal information, we will promptly dispose your personal information.
  6. Supervising of Outsourced Party
    We may outsource personal information obtained by us to third party within the scope necessary to achieve use purpose. In such case, we will make sure that appropriate safety control measure can be implemented via contract, etc. in compliance with Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.
  7. Strengthening of System, etc.
    In consideration of the change in social conditions/environment, we will review the Personal Information Protection Management Systems regarding protection of personal information on continual basis and will improve our engagement to protect personal information.

We will obtain the following personal information pursuant to laws.

  • E-mail, name, phone number, address, date of birth, gender.
    All of your information obtained by us are being provided based on your intention. Please also note in advance that we may refuse your use of service, if you cannot provide us with all or part of information to be obtained by us related to use of service.

We will use personal information stated in Article 1 pursuant to laws as described below.

  • For answering inquiries from you

Except in the following cases, we will not provide personal information to third party without your prior consent.

  1. If, pursuant to laws and regulations.
  2. If it becomes necessary to protect human life/body or property and the Company is having a difficult time gaining your consent.
  3. If there is a particular need to improve public health or promote sound upbringing of children and where it is difficult to obtain your prior consent.
  4. If it becomes necessary to cooperate with government body or local public body or person designated by such body concerning their performance of work stipulated in laws and regulations, and where gaining your consent can potentially interfere with the performance of such work.

However, the following cases shall not correspond to third party stipulated in the above.

  1. If we are outsourcing all or part of handing of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve use purpose.
  2. In the case where personal information is being provided due to succession of business based on merger or other reasons.
  3. In the case where personal information is being used jointly with a specific person, if such intention and items of personal information used jointly, scope of a person engaged in joint use, use purpose of person engaged in use, name or title of a person responsible for management of such personal information are being notified to customer in advance, or said items are at condition readily accessible to customer.

If we intend to engage in joint use of personal information with specific person, or if use purpose or name or title of person in charge of management is being changed, we will notify customer in advance concerning changed content, or place said content at condition readily accessible to customer.


We may use the personal information jointly with the following party within the range of Privacy Policy.


We may modify this Privacy Policy in case of hereinafter prescribed:

  1. When a modification in this Privacy Policy conforms to the general interests of the customer.
  2. Modification in this Privacy Policy shall not violate the purpose of this Privacy Policy, and shall be reasonable in light of the necessity of modify, the relevance of the modified content, the details of the modify and other circumstances relating to the modification.

We will notify you of the facts of the modifications and the changes, and the effective date, or notify them on our website before making modifications to this Privacy Policy.

The customer shall be deemed to have consented to a modification in this Privacy Policy by continuing to use the Services after the effective date of this modification.


For requesting disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure, use purpose notice, correction, etc. in the case where content of personal information subject to disclosure is contrary to fact, etc., cease of use, etc. and suspension of providing to third party (hereinafter, “Disclosure, etc.”), please follow the following directions.

  • Request by Customer Support Center

Please contact the Customer Support Center settled in Article 8


Please contact the following inquiry information concerning inquiries such as consultation, complaint, objection, etc. regarding our handling of personal information. You may also withdraw your consent at any time.


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